We provide solutions bespoke to you, it's quite simple, we listen, we understand, and we help you plan your strategy, not just for now but for the future as well.

We'll take into consideration everything that will affect your progress as a company. We've had years of experience in project planning, from branding exercises to projects to improve your social media and search engine presence.

We can take you through everything digital and design, we can advise so you understand the effects that design, websites, social media, and SEO will have on your company.

Social Media

The way we communicate, comment and share information is evolving. We can help your brand work across these new technologies and assist in developing your social media strategy.

If you're serious about marketing your company you do need to be involved in social media. If developed and managed properly it can be of great benefit to your business.

Whether it's LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Google Business you need to decide a few basic things which can include:

  • What is the demographic of your target audience?
  • How do you want to be perceived as a company?
  • What makes you individual as a company?
  • What do you do that makes you stand out?
  • How much time can you realistically dedicate to your social media "campaign"?

There is no set of guidelines that say you must be on a certain set of social media platforms. We will help you find out what's best for your business and how you can make the most of it.

Setting up social media can seem a daunting task – we make those first steps easier and guide you all the way or we can fine tune your current social media and really get it working.

find out more about social media here

Search Engine Optimisation

We make it simple, we'd rather you understand search engines and how they can work for your business and get your site found online.

Once you have your website designed and functioning as you want it you need to get it found. Your site has to be optimised properly to give it the best chance of being found in search engines.

There are many aspects to SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and this understandably leaves a lot of people becoming confused by the subject.

  • What are keywords & long tail keyphrases (and what's the difference)?
  • How do I write content for both your users and search engines?
  • What is META DATA and how is it used?
  • Is there a difference in optimising my site for local users to national or international users?
  • How important are links and how do search engines view them now?
  • Can images and video benefit my site and if so how?

These questions and many more are frequently asked. We've worked with SEO for a long time and have seen many changes so let us answer your questions and make sure your site is optimised to its full potential.

We believe that search engine optimisation is 70% common sense and 30% experience. We can equip you with the knowledge of SEO and manage your SEO campaign where necessary.

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Project Planning

We can help you plan online and offline marketing campaigns to get your business to where you you want it to be.

Whether you just want a site for your business, an online e-commerce shop, or a network of sites to promote your brand globally there's a lot more than you may first think when it comes to planning the project.

The one thing that makes us different to the large agencies is that every project is different and we make sure that your project is planned for you based on your needs and your business aims.

The biggest mistake anyone can make when it comes to creating a web project is not to plan it properly especially when you’re including it with other marketing material. This invariably ends up in more cost eventually (as well as loss of productivity).

We'll make sure you've got everything covered by talking to you and understanding your overall project.

Sometimes you may not want everything developed now but we believe it's worth understanding what your long term goal is in order to develop your design & digital plan properly. This will not only save you money but also make sure that further development won't mean you have to start again at any stage!



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