"Bespoke" - meaning: made to order

Summary: a bespoke website gives you full flexibility in relation to design, development, functionality, and the ability to integrate into your business systems. A bespoke designed website fully promotes your brand and individual identity.

Usability and functionality:

Bespoke website development means you can have the exact functionality you want anywhere on and throughout the site. For example areas for data capture, information feeds, email newsletters, e-commerce functionality, bespoke functionality for your users that you've thought of (or want us to think of), the choices are literally limitless.


Ability to easily grow and change your website with your business. We'll make sure we fully understand the future objectives of your business so any design changes and future development requirements are easily undertaken.


A template website tries to cater for everyone - extremely hard to do - and with this the CMS is invariably complex and can be hard to use as you have to sift through all the controls that you don't need to get to those that you do!

A bespoke CMS will allow you to control exactly what you want, nothing more, nothing less, and be easy to use.

Open Source & Security

As template sites like WordPress are built with "open source" code there is an argument that there is a higher likelihood of hacking attempts as when a module (or plugin as they're known) is found to have a weakness it is usually exploited by those who like to find ways of harming websites and as a plugin is a universal piece of software the weakness will be in all of them.

Although no website is immune to hackers at least bespoke web development can have as much bespoke security applied as required to minimise the chances of your site being hacked.

"We would always promote your business as unique and, with that, suggest your site should also be unique and bespoke."

Does a bespoke site take a lot longer to create?

Than a template site? Yes, it will take longer, but it's worth it. Your site is to promote you to the outside world, on the internet, where first impressions are the most important. We believe it is time well invested, you won't be disappointed.

Can a template site (like WordPress) be bespoke?

Yes it can to a degree and at Sync we can do this by altering a selected template to suit a design for you - but there are always limitations - and by the time you've spent the time and money making the template site work (about 80%) to your requirements you may as well have had your own bespoke site designed and created.

The second limitation you will come up against is the ability of the site to grow with your business. Yes there are lots of "plugins" that can add functionality to your template site but is the plugin exactly what you want? Probably not.


Template sites do fit some purposes and businesses (after all, enough people use them) it's always worth thinking twice before deciding what's best for your business though. We have, over the years, had many frustrated companies come to us to "fix" a template site which just doesn't quite do what they want it to. The suggestion will always be the same - let's discuss what your company needs.




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  • Essex Wildlife Trust
  • Cambridge University
  • Pearsons
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  • Glaxo Smith Kline
  • UK-Innovation Research Centre
  • Homerton Conference Centre Cambridge
  • Professional Academy

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